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JetExec Advantages

Why Build a JetExec or do the Conversion?

The turbine provides smooth power and plenty of it. Rated at 150+ shaft H.P. you have the power available when you need it.

Turbines are less likely to fail, need little or no warm up and sound just great. Be in the air in two to three minutes. They will burn a variety of fuels, RPM is controlled by a governor system and being a Lifetime engine, they are good for 6,000 flights.

The new power train in the JetExec Conversion Kit uses gear reductions for the primary drive. The RW secondary and all the belts, chain and oil bath are no longer required. One cog belt is used for the shaft driven tail rotor and TR authority is improved due to reverse direction of rotation and slightly higher RPM.

Refuelling is quicker and easier with just one high flow fuel point.
Endurance is increased from 2 hours to 2½ hours.

All the flight controls remain the same as the original Rotorway Exec and there are very few frame modifications required.

Parts are available, standard and interchangeable.